Virginia Food Freedom

Local Food Alternatives:

Do you know who is profiting from the processing of your food?  Quite possibly it is not the farmer at all.  Unless you can shake the hand of the farmer who raises and processes your food, you can't be sure. Lets rebuild our economy from the ground up.

Find locally grown and produced foods in your region in Virginia by clicking on the links below
The most important relationship you can have is with the farmer who grows your food.

Find your farmer. Visit the farm. See how your food is grown.
Eat traditionally and seasonally.  Life is good.
WAPF promotes purchasing foods direct from your farmer and shows supporting science of why traditional foods are best for our health.  It gives lists of family farms all over who sell direct.
Real milk is raw, unhomogenized (unbruised)& unpasteurized. Cows are the foster mothers of humanity. Our guts need the probiotics and enzymes present in raw milk in order to digest it properly.  Industrial milk ( White pus) creates and exacerbates allergies and allergic reactions.  Many have been healed from them by  drinking raw milk. 
Jo Robinson promotes pasture based meats, milks and eggs. She has a list to help folks find local pasture based farm foods. Read her books!
Guillermo Payet started this site in 1998, a true visionary, to help people find not only farms, but specific items grown. A true farm search engine.
This site tracks all food laws across the country in relation to small home or farm production. It even has a group in VA.