Virginia Board of
Virginia Food Freedom
Neighbor to Neighbor, Farm to Neighbor Food sales

Board Members:

Steven W. Sturgis, President

Robert J. Mills, Jr., Vice-President

Kevin Schmidt, Secretary

1st District     Subsidies Garnered
O. Bryan Talliaferro, Jr.
35212 Tidewater Trail,
Center Cross, VA 22437

Farm Interests subsidies garnered

2nd District    Subsidies Garnered
Steven W. Sturgis,
Post Office Box 178,
Eastville, Virginia 23347
Farm Interests
Farm Location
President Northampton County Farm Bureau

3rd District   Subsidies garnered
Clifton Slade
1111 Mount Ray Drive,
Surry VA 23883
(757) 357-9269
Farm Interests

4th District     Subsidies Garnered
Shelley S. Butler Barlow, 
Cotton Plains Farm
696 Cherry Grove Road,
North Suffolk, VA  23432    

Farm Interests
Farm Interests
Farm Interests

5th District     Subsidies Garnered
Robert J. Mills, Jr.,
1101 Wynell Drive,
Callands, Virginia 24530

Farm Interests
Farm Interests
Farm Location

6th District       Subsidies Garnered
Rosalea R. Potter
Buffalo Creek Beef
Lexington, Virginia

Farm Interests

7th District         Subsidies Garnered
L. Wayne Kirby,
10572 Summer Hill Road,
Mechanicsville, Virginia 23116

Farm Interests
Farm Locations

8th District     Subsidies Garnered  
Kay Johnson Smith 
Her job protects CAFOs

Arlington, VA
Term Ends
Farm Interests

9th District      Subsidies Garnered
James Huffard
Huffard Dairy Farm
165 Huffard Lane
Crockett, VA  24323

Dairy interests

10th District   Subsidies Garnered
John R. Marker,
3035 Cedar Creek Grade,
Winchester, Virginia 22602

Farm Interests
Farm Interests
Farm Location

11th District   Subsidies Garnered
Richard  S. Sellers
Senior Vice President,
Public Policy and Education,
American Feed Industry Association 
2101 Wilson Blvd. Suite 916
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 558-3569

At-large member
representing commercial
sales or application of
Agricultural Pesticides

Neil Houff
President, Houff’s Feed & Fertilizer Co. Inc.
6806 Cross Keys Road
Mt. Crawford, VA  22841

At-large member
representing structural commercial
Pesticide Applicator

Kevin J. Kordek,
3824 Prince Andrew Lane
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Term Ends June 30, 2016


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VDACS link for appointed members of
the Board of Agriculture  who should represent us.

The Board of Agriculture

The Board of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Board) has fifteen members. The Board consists of one member from each of the 11 congressional districts, at least eight of whom are currently working farmers, and two at-large members, one of whom is a structural commercial applicator of pesticides and one of whom is engaged in the commercial sale or application of agricultural pesticides. The presidents of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Virginia State University or their designees are ex officio members of the Board with voting privileges. A full term of appointment is four years. Except for those who are initially appointed to fill an un-expired term, each citizen member is eligible to serve no more than two successive   terms. In addition to its other duties, the Board now promulgates regulations to certify pesticide applicators, register pesticide products and issue pesticide business licenses in order to protect individuals and the environment through the safe and effective control of pests that adversely affect health, crops, structures and domestic animals.

The Board

Promotes the agricultural interest of Virginia,

Has the power to receive and hold in trust donations made for the advancement of agricultural interests and to administer such trusts,

Advises the governor on the state of the industry of agriculture and offers the governor recommendations on actions to be taken to promote the industry's development,

Works with members of the agricultural community and with federal and state agencies to develop and implement programs that will provide for a strong and viable Virginia agriculture,

Receives annual reports from the state's commodity boards concerning their progress in promoting the industry,

Has the authority to prescribe, adopt and promulgate rules and regulations necessary to administer and enforce laws relating to agriculture, commerce and the consumer,

Is called upon by the commissioner from time to time to give advice and support concerning the development of new agency programs, organizational changes and other administrative matters,

Represents the broad interests of the public for the development of a strong industry of agriculture and efficient and responsive programs for serving and protecting the consumer.

Meetings/Public Hearings

The board holds four to five regular business meetings a year. With the exception of the July meeting, which is usually held in a different area of the state each year, the board meetings are conducted in the Richmond offices of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Additional meetings required for public hearings, planning, and new member orientation are held as needed. Public hearings are normally held in conjunction with regular business meetings.