What food is legal to purchase 
from your neighbor
What food is not legal to purchase from your neighbor 

Raw or Processed

fresh  Cheese
Hard boiled eggs
Shucked Oysters
Picked Crab Meat
 Beer or Wine or Mead
Iced Tea, Coffee, Lemonade
Pork or  Beef 

Reasons why it is Legal

Unwashed Eggs have a microscopic antibacterial film the chicken secretes as it is laid.

Raw Vegetables have not been "processed"

Raw Chicken is allowed  because? Arbitrary Federal Exemptions ( see below)
Raw beef or pork is not legal to be sold w/o USDA stamp

60 Day aged cheese made from raw ( unpasteurized) Milk.  The time factor eliminates pathogens

Seafood has not been "processed"

Reasons why it is not Legal

Because the "industry"  says it is "processed" and needs government inspection to make sure it is safe to eat.

Veiled in Health and Safety  they continually say that if anyone got sick  it could 
"devastate the entire industry in VA" 

That means big processors rights trump individuals rights

How one legally gets the foods they want 

A  "Cow Share" operation, where you own a piece of the cow.  Legally the milk is yours and you are just paying someone board to keep your cow and to milk it for you.  

Beef, Pork or Lamb:

One must own the animal before it is killed..so it is sold by the half or quarter.  Go to any farmer you see that has cows in his field and ask if you can buy one or a fraction of one.  The Animal can go to a professional Butcher.  You can call a local butcher and ask if he knows of a farmer who has a fraction of an animal to sell.  OR  the Animal can be slaughtered and butchered on the farm.  There is no law preventing the owner from having the Farmer help him butcher his own animal.

Virginia Food Freedom
Some foods are legal and some foods aren't
One day non-profit bake sales are EXEMPT from all VDACS and Health Department Regulations. They are only exempt because of 
VICFA efforts.

Chickens processed (slaughtered and butchered on the farm) are totally legal to sell, requiring no permit if sales are under 1,000 birds

Raw Foods:

Raw Poultry
Raw Vegetables, 
Raw Fruits, 
Live Oysters in the Shell, 
Live Crabs in the shell, 
Fresh Fish

Processed Foods: (shelf stable)

dry pasta, dry teas, dry herbs, dry herb mixtures, dry seasoning mixtures,   dried soup beans, dried fruits, roasted coffee

jams, jellies, pickles, salsas, pickled vegetables, vinegars and flavored vinegars,  
cereal, granola, trail mixes, nuts (coated and uncoated), 
 beef jerky 

cookies, breads, pies and all other baked goods that do not require time or temperature control.

60 day aged cheeses
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For more information on other states small producers food laws, as well as VA 

Legal Anomalies
21 USC  Section 464 Exemptions

(4) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to poultry producers with respect to poultry of their own raising on their own farms if (i) such producers slaughter not more than 1,000 poultry during the calendar year for which this exemption is being determined; (ii) such poultry producers do not engage in buying or selling poultry products other than those produced from poultry raised on their own farms; and (iii) none of such poultry moves in commerce (as defined in section 453(a) of this title).