Virginia Farm Freedom
The Farm Freedom Act literally requires an act of Congress.  But it first needs to start with us, here, in Virginia's General Assembly.   Because of the Wholesome Meats Act of 1967, all ( very safe) small family run butcher shops and slaughter houses across the country  dried up.  Sweeping Federal Regulations drove them out of business and now only the  big boys  in the "packing" industry  rule in the meat business.( Tyson, Purdue, Smithfield, JBS)   And now, the Chinese own Smithfield.  We can't,  as a nation,  do worse than that.  Its high time we returned to the farmer the  dignity of his legal ability to make sausage and pumpkin pies to sell to his neighbors.

Another issue is the FDA.  They have tons of control on foods as well.  Virginia has adopted regulatory guidelines that mirror FDA guidlines by reference.  Virginia certainly has the ability to create her own guidelines and very well should.  Virginia has been a leader in this nation since its inception.  We don't need the Federal Government telling us how to do things. 
Patrick Henry was born in VA.

A BILL to amend the Code of Virginia by adding in
Title 3.2 a chapter numbered 1.1, consisting of a  section numbered 3.2-116, relating to the Farm Freedom Act.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Virginia:

1. That the Code of Virginia is amended by adding in Title a chapter numbered 1.1, containing 

articles numbered through , consisting of sections numbered through , as follows:



§ 3.2-116. Farmers' right to sell farm-produced products.

Farmers shall have the right to process and sell what they have produced on their own land  without licensure or inspections.

Its Rather simple...

Farmers shall have the right to process and sell what they have produced on their own land  without  licensure or  inspections.

This country was built on farm to neighbor food sales. 

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