Virginia  Food  Freedom

Whereas Virginia is experiencing a serious economic downturn

Whereas Virginians are seeking locally produced healthy foods by
people and farms they know.

Whereas Virginians can create their own jobs and determine the healthfulness and safety of the foods of their choosing
without government interference.

We propose the
Virginia Food Freedom Act 

There will be no restrictions for the sale of foods that are processed in the home or on a farm and sold directly to the end consumer as long as it has a label that states the name of the producer, address, ingredients and the disclosure
*not government inspected*

For the purpose of this bill the definitions are as follows:

Home:  the residence of the producer.

Farm:  an agricultural facility that has ten or fewer employees outside                     of family.

and the

Virginia Farm Freedom Act

Its Rather simple...

Farmers shall have the right to process and sell what they have produced on their own land  without licensure or inspections.

The reasons we need this.

The nature of the farm has changed over the years.  Industrialized agriculture has steam rolled, through acts of legislation and regulation, the smaller units of food production.
Many people in powers of authority believed bigger, cheaper, faster was the way to go. 

We have since learned as a nation, that bigger, cheaper, faster means more chemicals in your foods, reduced nutrient value, and loss of regional flavor and loss of independent food systems.  The rise of cancer, childhood obesity, and allergies have increased immensely. 

We used to be a chronically healthy nation, we are now a chronically ill nation.  Recognizing the simple fact that  what we eat determines our health is key.  

We want our health back by deciding for ourselves what kinds of food we want.  We want our livelihoods back by profiting from our own kitchens, our own labor and our own land

Virginia Food Freedom
Bernadette Barber
1600 Morattico Road, Lancaster, VA 22503

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Small family farms, the backbone of Virginia, are in decline, you can help them by supporting on farm processing and sales legislation.